Rule Variants

Over the years several variants have been developed to allow the basic mechanics of Volley & Bayonet to be used for smaller scale battles of the black powder period, or for those wars that fall just outside the initial rules scope. Below are just a few which may be of use.

Nine Years War

Some years ago Ed M developed an interesting variant of Volley & Bayonet that focussed on the The War of the League of Augsburg from 1688 to 1697. While nominally outside the period covered by the rules this variant allows these wars to be recreated using the basic mechanics. Originally hosted on my Volley & Bayonet site this variant has been expanded and includes the rules and scenarios. The dedicated site can be found here.

At War in the Americas

Greg Novak, co-author of Volley & Bayonet and the current version of the rules Volley and Bayonet: Road to Glory, had a keen interest in the American War of Independence. You can find a copy of all these changes here, or a summary sheet of his AWI variant “here“.

19th Century Variant

Ed M has a variant of the Battalion scale version of the rules with a particular focus on the mid 19th Century. His variant along with a couple of scenarios can be found here.