Road to Glory Scenario System

Volley & Bayonet is design to allow gamers to refight the great battles of the black powder period. This ability and focus is for me one of the great aspects of the rules. However, there are only so many battles to refight. One of the basic components of “Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory” is the battle generation system “Road to Glory”. While not designed to replace the use of historical scenarios this system provides a useful tool for organising casual games where time or troops are limited.

Using a points system, as well as the included army lists, armies are organised prior to the game. Then, once terrain is deployed, a scenario is generated by the selection of a set of random cards. The result could include the delayed arrival of portions of one of both armies, meeting engagements or flanking movements. Suddenly a range of situations, features of various historic battles of the period, are transferred to your table. We enjoy the system so much it has become a regular feature of our gaming sessions.

This section provides support material for the battle generation system “Road to Glory”.

Points System

This points system has been used to calculate the army lists included in the main rule book as well as the army lists here. The points system can be downloaded here. An unofficial extention of the points system for Post-Napoleonic can be found here.

Seven Years War Army Lists

The main “Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory” rule book supports the Seven Years War. However, the rules package does not include army lists. Instead they are provided as a free download. The official army lists for the Seven Years War for use with “Road to Glory” can be found here.

American Civil War Army Lists

The main “Volley & Bayont – Road to Glory” game system supports the various wars following the Napoleonic period, though they don’t include army lists in the rules package. Here are the unofficial army lists for armies for the “Road to Glory” scenario system that cover the American Civil War. They can be downloaded here.