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American Civil War Scenarios

I am well behind on my website updates, so far behind it is actually embarrassing. However, real life has a habit of getting in the way. That said over recent weeks I have slowly been reformatting American Civil War scenarios. The current release covers three scenarios. They include First Bull Run, Pea Ridge and the American Civil Campaign system developed by Frank Chadwick and updated for miniatures by Greg Novak.

First Bull Run is one of my favourite battles to refight, partly as the original version of the scenario was my introduction to Volley & Bayonet, some 24 years ago. Despite it being my first game with the rules I was impressed. Many years later I have refought the battle a number of times and it remains an enjoyable, balanced and challenging game.

Unlike First Bull Run I haven’t as yet fought Pea Ridge, but with two scenarios provided I’m sure it won’t be long.

There are few rules that allow the potential to refight the large battles of the American Civil War, but of course Volley & Bayonet does. Combine that with the campaign system based on “A House Divided” you can fight out the entire war. Over the years I have been involved in two such campaigns and recall many of the battles with fondness. I would especially like to acknowledge the valued support Greg Novak provided me when I was organising my own campaign here in New Zealand many years ago.

You will find all these updated scenarios, along with others, here. I trust they encourage you to deploy some miniatures.

American War of Independence Scenarios

The American War of Independence, or Revolution for some, is somewhat of a niche interest in these parts. Certainly for me it is not part of my own regular gaming schedule. Despite this I’ve always been keen to make available some scenarios. Recently I was kindly supplied by a good friend, Paul Reynolds, three American War of Independence scenarios.

Specifically they were Camden, Cowpens and Guilford Courthouse. Today I have uploaded them to the website and opened a American War of Independence Scenario section.

Now, Paul uses 10mm miniatures for his AWI gaming and to support his three scenarios I thought a couple of photos of one of his Guilford Courthouse refights may provide some further appropriate inspiration.

The figures here are all based on 3” wide bases, but the scenarios all use Volley and Bayonets “Wing Scale”. At Wing Scale 1” equates to 25 yards, a turn represents just 15 minutes and a strength point represents 50 men.

You will find all of Paul’s scenarios here. I trust you enjoy them and join me in thanking Paul for his efforts.

Borodino Scenario

One of the strengths of Volley & Bayonet is the ability of refighting historical battles. Further, the rules for me capture both the feeling of a major battle yet retaining sufficient detail that I know I’m fighting a Napoleonic battle. In fact picking up a description of these famous battles and I’m struck by the fact the the authors dialogue could equally be describing last week’s Volley & Bayonet game.

Over the years I’ve refought a reasonable number of battles using the rules. But one I haven’t played is Borodino. The other week I was contacted by email regarding the availability of the Borodino Scenario which, like several others, has been off-line while I reformat them. While reformatting is a slow process at the best of time, the email encouraged me to push this scenario further up the queue. After a several hours work I’m pleased to report Geoffrey Wootten’s epic Borodino Scenario is again on-line. It includes a few minor updates to align it with the latest edition of the rules, but is otherwise unchanged.

In many ways Borodino needs no introduction, yet perhaps it does. For me David Chandler places it into context in his “The Campaigns of Napoleon”. Napoleon had at his disposal around 124,000 infantry, 24,000 cavalry and 587 cannon. The Russians 72,000 infantry, possibly 10,000 militia, 24,000 cavalry including Cossacks, and 640 cannon. During the course of the battle Chandler notes the French alone would fire 90,000 artillery rounds and perhaps two million infantry cartridges during the day. The result would be almost 30% of those engaged would become casualties.


Now, if you are thinking of refighting Borodino you will be wondering how many figures will be required. Well a quick review of Geoffrey’s scenario suggests you will need the 43 stands of French and allied infantry, 32 stands of French and allied foot artillery, around 10 stands of horse artillery and a respectable 26 stands of cavalry. The Russians on the other hand will require 45 stands of infantry, 5 stands of militia, some 49 stands of artillery and 20 stands of cavalry. Not a small number, yet certainly achievable. That said I’m woefully short of Russians with a paltry 17 stands of foot artillery based.

Enough of an introduction. You can find Geoffrey’s fine scenario here, or under the Napoleonic Scenario Section of this site.

Franco-Prussian War Scenarios

For those interested I have just completed updating the Franco-Prussian War Scenario section of this site. This includes moving the previous scenarios into a PDF format.

In the process I have taken the time to update the exhaustion values and morale values for the orders of battle. In particular in the second edition of the rules artillery counts for both division exhaustion and losses. This I hope will aid those using the scenarios with the second edition of the rules.

The scenarios are Wissembourg, Spicheren, Froeschwiller, Borny-Colombey and Mars-La-Tour. Each of course provide some interesting challenges! The scenarios can of course be found here.


So, pick up your Chassepot rifle, limber up the mitrailleuse battery, and join Maréchal Bazaine defending the borders of France.