About this Site

Welcome to my Volley & Bayonet Website, a site dedicated to supporting the excellent Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory rules by Frank Chadwick and Greg Novak.

My Volley & Bayonet Page first went live around 1995 meaning I have for around 25 years run this site, be it on various web hosting platforms. During this time it has grown from small beginnings to become something of a resource for these rules.

With changes in my web hosting platform the site needed to migrate to a different home and after some consideration I selected the current provider. However, porting the material has been a slow process. My eventual aim is that this site will be refreshed and enhanced providing the Volley and Bayonet wargamer with an unparalleled on-line resource.

However, I am also trying to add new content, in addition to porting older content which also needs to be updated.  Of course, much like a fine wine, such things take time. I hope you can be patient as I manually progress through the migration. If however you have a particular interest in a scenario which is off-line please drop me a note and I will attempt to prioritise your request over other changes.

I encourage you, when visiting this site, to interact with the various posts that are made here. In this way you contribute to the site and help ensure a vibrant on-line Volley & Bayonet community is fostered.