Kleindorf – October 1813

During late October five of us assembled for a large fictional engagement to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. In recognition to the share scale of Leipzig our battle was noticeably larger than our typical games. Set south of Leipzig, the Battle of Kleindorf would see the French facing a combined Austrian, Prussian and Russian army. Our engagement drew on many of the historical formations present at Leipzig.

Our battle was fought on a table that measured 6’ x 4’. Given we use half scale this translates to a table 12’ x 8’ and represents a battlefield some eight miles in width. To provide tactical interest the various corps were deemed to be arriving progressively. Eventually deployed were well over 3,000 miniatures.

Given the scale of the action only a brief summary of the battle can be made. However, I hope my report provides something of interest to the reader. The report can be found on my “On Campaign with Volley & Bayonet” blog here.