American War of Independence Scenarios

The American War of Independence, or Revolution for some, is somewhat of a niche interest in these parts. Certainly for me it is not part of my own regular gaming schedule. Despite this I’ve always been keen to make available some scenarios. Recently I was kindly supplied by a good friend, Paul Reynolds, three American War of Independence scenarios.

Specifically they were Camden, Cowpens and Guilford Courthouse. Today I have uploaded them to the website and opened a American War of Independence Scenario section.

Now, Paul uses 10mm miniatures for his AWI gaming and to support his three scenarios I thought a couple of photos of one of his Guilford Courthouse refights may provide some further appropriate inspiration.

The figures here are all based on 3” wide bases, but the scenarios all use Volley and Bayonets “Wing Scale”. At Wing Scale 1” equates to 25 yards, a turn represents just 15 minutes and a strength point represents 50 men.

You will find all of Paul’s scenarios here. I trust you enjoy them and join me in thanking Paul for his efforts.


3 thoughts on “American War of Independence Scenarios

  1. Excellent! Just starting with V&B. I picked up a couple of AWI armies from Baccus last year, my first non H&R figs. I now have a reason to get painting this winter. Much thanks for this, looking forward to trying it out. Very supportive website. Bruce

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I’m very pleased you found the information useful. Please let us know how your painting goes and how the scenarios play out. I’m sure Paul would like to hear as well.

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