Franco-Prussian War Scenarios

For those interested I have just completed updating the Franco-Prussian War Scenario section of this site. This includes moving the previous scenarios into a PDF format.

In the process I have taken the time to update the exhaustion values and morale values for the orders of battle. In particular in the second edition of the rules artillery counts for both division exhaustion and losses. This I hope will aid those using the scenarios with the second edition of the rules.

The scenarios are Wissembourg, Spicheren, Froeschwiller, Borny-Colombey and Mars-La-Tour. Each of course provide some interesting challenges! The scenarios can of course be found here.


So, pick up your Chassepot rifle, limber up the mitrailleuse battery, and join Maréchal Bazaine defending the borders of France.

2 thoughts on “Franco-Prussian War Scenarios

  1. Excellent work. Just wondering, aren’t mid C19th cavalry meant to be 1SP linear regiments under Road to Glory?

  2. Good question.

    The Post-Napoleonic section introduce an additional cavalry type called Light Horse (rather than cavalry of varying weights). This type use less melee dice but can dismount. A good example of this type would be ACW cavalry, which would always represented in this way. They are all 2 strength points, or more, but have similar combat dice as linear when mounted.

    As it’s additional it doesn’t replace the other cavalry. So for the FPW normal cavalry can still be used, with the normal number of combat dice. Though it would be a brave commander to charge FPW infantry with those advanced rifles…

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