Strehla, 20th August 1760

Fabrizio Davì has recently sent in a new Seven Years War scenario for publication here on “The Volley & Bayonet Page”.  Indeed Fabrizio, on his excellent blog, describes the action as one of those lesser-known, middle-sized, uneven and asymmetric actions between the Reichsarmee and the Prussians which makes some delightful war-game scenarios. While I haven’t played the scenario it certainly looks interesting. As way of background I will hand over to Fabrizio who describes the situation further…

In the August 1760, on the Saxony theatre, the commander of the ReichsArmee, Prince Michael of Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld was at the head of an Austro-Imperial army of about 25,000 men. Since his forces were almost twice of those of the Prussian Lieutenant-General Georg von Hülsen, he resolved to attack him in his fortified camp at Strehla, on the Elbe river.

Most of the Prussian units were in field fortifications on the plateau immediately to the west of Strehla. The right wing of the Prussian positions was positioned on the Dürren-Berg. The gap between these positions was covered by the cavalry.

The Reichsarmee commander planned a typical attack by different columns. The Reserve of Prince Stolberg, supported by the Grenadier corps of Guasco and by Kleefeld’s Austrian auxiliary corps was to attack Prussian right whereas the main Imperial corps would put a demonstration against the fortified camp near Strehla with the Imperial cavalry skirmishing on the Prussian left flank.

The complete scenario can be found here. In addition Fabrizio provides a summary of one of his playtests of the scenario on his blog.